Eradicating rodents. It's what we do.

Rodent Exclusion for Residential and Commercial Customers

We are rodent experts. We know what they are attracted to and we know how to keep them out. If you are having a rodent infestation, give us a call. We'll be out to assess your situation as soon as possible. We will create a custom plan based on your specific situation.

We will get them out and keep them out. You will be breathing much easier in no time. Guaranteed.


Specifically, here's what we do to relieve your rodent worries

Dealing with rodents at home can be a significant concern for many homeowners. Rats and mice aren't just unwelcome guests; they can bring disease, spoil your food, and even harm your home's structure. These critters are notorious for their impressive chewing abilities, using their powerful front teeth to chew through almost anything. Interestingly, the word "rodent" itself comes from the French word "rodere," which means "to gnaw."

At Simply Rodents, we've got your back with comprehensive solutions designed to tackle your rodent problems effectively. Our approach combines various methods tailored to your specific infestation, ensuring a personalized solution that suits your needs. Our rodent control services encompass both prevention and trapping methods, providing you with a holistic approach to your rodent issues.

Here's what you can expect from our personalized rodent removal and control plans:

Sealing Entry Points
We start by sealing holes both inside and outside your home to prevent rodents from gaining entry. By fortifying your property, we create a robust defense against these unwanted guests.

Strategic Trapping
To control the rodent population, we strategically place rodent traps in key areas. These traps are an essential component of our method, ensuring that we address the immediate problem effectively.

Cutting Off Food Sources
We'll provide you with recommendations to eliminate food sources that may be attracting rodents to your home. This step is crucial in making your property less appealing to these unwanted visitors.

Advanced Solutions When Needed
In certain situations, we may employ advanced measures such as tamper-resistant bait stations and rodenticides to ensure that we fully resolve the rodent issue.

At Simply Rodents, our mission is to make your home a rodent-free haven. With our easy-to-understand and tailored approach, we've got the expertise to tackle your rodent problems effectively. Say goodbye to unwanted guests and welcome peace of mind. Contact us today, and let's get started on a rodent-free home or business for you!